Offered artefacts presented in our virtual gallery are of various age categories and have long-tracked history of original owners. They are neither newly made items nor decorations, mostly they have significant signs of practical usage, climate conditions, age or there are visible tracks of woodcutting insects. Individual artefacts are photo documented and detailly described. We are more than happy to discuss any details, send additional and detailed photos; we can arrange personal meeting in Brno or in any other Czech city. Due to originality of each piece we do prefer personal hand over, in extreme case we can organize shipping service.  Price on the price list are final, we are not VAT payers. In case of dissatisfaction with goods, client has option to return the artefact within 30 days after payment. There could be esthetical, authentic reasons, damages caused by transportation etc. We fully believe in unique and high quality of our goods and there is no problem to take the artefacts back in original conditions, not damaged and with provided stand.