Lega Tribe, DRC

Height : 19 cm    Age : 1st half of 20th century

Materials :

Unique shaped woman’s statue used during initiating rituals of Bwami community. Religious, social, political and economic Lega’s life was closely connected with hierarchic structure of Bwami society. Because of its strong influence, Bwami society was banned in 1933 by Belgian Colonial Government. Bwami helped to all incitants to achieve moral excellence, beauty, sapience and prestige. Both men and women could participate in Bwami rituals -  men were assigned to 7 level ceremonies, women to 4 level rituals. The ownership of sculptures identified the achieved values and the holder had respective privileges. The number of the objects have been connected to ancestor’s culture, they represented proverbs and fulfilled educational function.

Provenience :
Swiss private collection

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